Prižba is a settlement of villas and houses for hire whitch extends, untypically, along several kilometres of the coastline. Riviera of extraordinary beauty, a place where fairy nature settled and remained forever. Islets spread like pearls all over the blue sea carpet with centennial pine wood almost rising from sea bordered by white stone witnessing myth of Aphrodite who according to legend was born from meerschaum.

The green uninhabited islands that lie in front of Grscica and Prizba are suitable for excursions and for fishing by local people and tourists. Their names are: Kosor, Stupa, Crklica, Sridnjak and Vrhovnjak
There are two main roads to reach Prizba - one is via Smokvica and Brna, then along the sea to Prizba. Other route is via Blato and then, once in Blato, turn left, following Prižba sign.
Prižba is hogging you by its hospitality, inviting you to merge with its beauty.