Villa Marijana

Apartments Marijana are situated in a beautiful vacation house located in Prizba Bay. Our offer includes 5 apartments. Each one is fully equipped; air conditioning, sat TV and best of all, each one has a terrace. The house is situated just 30m from the sea with its own private beach and dock. Guests arriving with their own car have secure parking.

Natural heritage of Korcula Island offers rich and healthy Mediterranean cousine. Our kitchen represents Mediterranean island's and fisherman's tradition. In our foods you can enjoy fresh sea food, ireplaceable olive oil and domestic wine.

Come and enjoy peace and quite with a glass of our domesic wine.



Prižba is a settlement of villas and houses for hire whitch extends, untypically, along several kilometres of the coastline. Riviera of extraordinary beauty, a place where fairy nature settled and remained forever. Islets spread like pearls all over the blue sea carpet with centennial pine wood almost rising from sea bordered by white stone witnessing myth of Aphrodite who according to legend was born from meerschaum.


With its harmonious urban whole, Blato aroused interest of a number of travelogue writers as early as the 18th century. The centre of the town features a nice line of lime-trees, stretching for more than 1 km, providing a unique experience in June, when lime-trees are blossoming.

The most beautiful view on Blato and its surroundings is offered from the road leading to the southern coast, where many accommodation facilities are located. These are the picturesque coves of Grscica and Prizba, Karbuni and Potirna. In front of them is a group of islands with beautiful beaches. On the northern coast is the Prigradica Cove with a nice harbour.


To make your holiday more interesting and eventful, you can choose from some of these activities. Korcula island gives you numerous possibilities to discover its beauty, which both ancient Greeks and Romans longed for.

Korcula Island

Korcula Island undoubtedly holds a privileged position among the Croatian islands. Here are perhaps more legends, tales and monuments than anywhere else.

The island has a number of famous towns including Korcula, Lumbarda and Vela Luka. The oldest written monument in Croatia, the "Lumbardska psefizma", in Greek, was found in Lumbarda.

According to legend, Korcula was established by the Trojan hero Anthenor in the 12th century BC. Korcula is, after Lokrum and Mljet, the third most densely wooded island of Croatia. There is much evidence of a highly-developed social life on Korcula even in the 13th century. The Statute of Korcula, signed in 1214, prohibited the slave trade for the first time in Europe. It also spoke about the order and management of the city. The famous travel writer, Marco Polo, was, according to sources, born in Korcula.